Kentish Times.

Thursday July 24th, 1975.

The Cray Family Robinson.

Some of The Cray Family Robinson Saturday July 19th, 1975.
Five Generations of the Cray family Robinson celebrated Jessie Robinson's 90th birthday last Saturday.
The gathering of the clan came at a mass party at St Mary Cray Village Hall.
Mrs Robinson, of Derry Downs, St Mary Cray said:
"It was quite incredible. It was the first time in years that I had seen the whole family together. People came from all over the country."
More than 150 turned up at the party...the youngest was a great-great-grandchild just two weeks old.


Mrs Robinson, who has been a St Mary Cray resident for 46 years, said: "We all had such a grand time that we may do it all again next year. I had lots of lovely presents, including a musical birthday card which played Happy Birthday."
Not all the relatives could make it though and one absentee sent a telegram from Spain to say congratulations.
For the statisticians, this is Mrs Robinson's family breakdown of the younger generations;
31 grandchildren,
4 great-grandchildren and
two great-great-grandchildren.
But after all the excitement at the party there was no resting for Mrs Robinson on Monday: "I am much too young for that," she said, "I washed all the tablecloths instead."